Who We Are

The Highland Trust Partners team brings more than 100 years of combined experience in the financial services industry to each client engagement.

What We Do

Our client-centered, team approach combines experience and insight from an objective, independent perspective as we develop customized strategies to help address the unique challenges and opportunities you face.

Who We Serve

Our clients are individuals, families, business owners and corporations seeking experienced guidance and a personalized approach to attaining and maintaining financial independence.

Our Services

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What makes Highland Trust Partners different than other firms?

We built Highland Trust Partners to do the things that other firms do not or will not. We want to help reduce stress in the lives of families and business owners, and will continue to adjust our firm’s services & capabilities to do just that.


What types of clients do you work with?

We built Highland Trust Partners to make sure we could address the needs for all types of clients.  Some examples but by no means limited to these:

  • Retirees with cash flow management and estate planning.  
  • Pre-retirees with setting up plan for entering retirement years.
  • Young families with getting their financial house in order.
  • Business owners with succession and retirement benefit planning.
  • Divorcees with financial organization and independence.
  • Special needs families with asset protection and government benefits for child.


How do you manage portfolios?

We do manage our own portfolios, and base those on various risk levels around need for income, growth, or some combination.  We are agnostic to money managers and have a thorough system to assure we are using the best money managers in the appropriate asset classes.  All portfolios are both active and passive based investments, and we stress test to assure the mix is designed to provide clients with the best upside potential as well as the best downside protection.  We hold weekly meetings to review portfolio inventory to determine if adjustments are warranted.

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