Many investment firms call themselves money managers, but instead use their parent company’s portfolios or a few select mutual funds to create asset allocation models.  Highland Trust Partners believes strongly since we are face-to-face with our clientele, we need to be the ones who design, implement, monitor, and trade portfolios.

Our experience and credentials allow us to manage portfolios with the client’s overall needs in mind around risk, income needs, growth direction, and/or tax sensitivity.  We are agnostic to fund managers and use a combination of active & passive strategies for a client’s objectives. 

The following principles define our investment philosophy:

  • Put all investment plans in writing.
  • Market timing is not an investment strategy.
  • Long-term investors should remain fully invested, unless it is clearly not prudent to do so.
  • Chasing “hot” performance inevitably leads to poor results.
  • Use asset allocation and style diversification to help reduce risk and possibly increase returns.
  • Never let emotional decisions replace rational judgment.
  • Partner with an advisor who takes the time to make sure you understand the realities of the investment climate and your financial decision.

We would be happy to provide a free consultation.