When we made the decision in 2014 we were going to leave Wells Fargo Advisors the following year, we began the exciting process of naming our new firm.  One agreement we came to quickly was not to use our last names, as our firm needed to be branded with a title more relevant than just our names.  It needed to tell a story!

For months we tested names on cocktail napkins and during conversations on car rides.  We asked family what sounded best and what was easy to remember, and we are sure they grew tired of us asking.  One word we wanted to incorporate was "trust", and not as the obvious way to say you can trust us (which you can).  Much of our business has a legal trust component in managing assets either through financial planning or corporate retirement benefits, and we wanted that part of our practice in the firm name.  The next term was "Partners", as the three of us are partners in the firm as well as partners with our clients in defining their priorities, financially as well as all the other issues they need some guidance.

"Highland" was final piece of the puzzle.  It began with conversations of trips up to the Highlands of North Carolina.  The area is familiar with people in the Southeast, but we do not live or work around Highlands so the name is not about an actual place.  Have you ever heard the saying "head to the high land", same as "run for the hills"?  When people in the lowlands are in trouble usually due to flooding, they would go to higher ground where it is safe, called the highland.  We believe we are a place people can turn to when they feel there is uncertainty or risk with their finances. 

We are Highland Trust Partners!