We Saved a Seat for You 

It wasn’t until after we founded Highland Trust Partners in 2015 that our team truly discovered the benefits of operating as an independent firm. Since then, we have experienced exponential growth and have had a lot of fun in the process.  Come join us!  We are eager to share our knowledge and what independence you can do for you! 

What does independence really mean? 

It gives YOU the ability to determine YOUR vision of the future, YOUR definition of success, and YOUR means to protect your family. Highland Trust Partners is committed to our team members developing into what they want to be, not what a corporation wants them to be.

Highland Trust Partners 


We build solid foundations for our client relationships. 

At Highland Trust Partners, we start off with a well thought-out financial plan that serves as the foundation of our long-term client relationships. We utilize our exceptional skill sets and a number of cutting-edge tools to assess your client’s current financial state and future goals. 


We are seasoned professionals. 

Our unique approach is a result of decades of combined experience and wide-ranging knowledge of the financial markets. This empowers us to provide each client with a high-level perspective, objective advice and creative strategies that are tailored to what their individual situation demands. 


We take care of our clients. 
We take care of our team members. 
We take care of our community.


Our clients and the relationships we build with them are priority. We are dedicated to helping families and businesses define what is most important and together, construct the best path forward to put them in the best financial position for those priorities.

Services to Support Your Independence  

Here’s what you gain access to when you join HTP: 


  • Strategic Partnership with Integrated Financial Group
  • Hybrid RIA 
  • Attractive Payouts
  • Real Estate Solutions (Turnkey)
  • Dedicated Service Team
  • Study Groups
  • Access to the Brain Trust
  • Peer-to-Peer Interaction
  • Human Resources (Benefits, Group, Health, Payroll)
  • Succession and Continuity Plans
  • Virtual Assistants



  • Transition Assistance and Support
  • Transition Financial Support
  • Office Space Available 
  • E-Signature for Client Paperwork
  • Assistant Training
  • Transition Preparation 
  • Establishing Transition Plan
  • Transition Experience (we’ve been there!)
  • Proven Process-Resignation Through Transition
  • Office Procedures and Processes


  • Established Brand
  • Website and Social Media (Turnkey)
  • Constant Contact Email Platform
  • Marketing Materials for Use Immediately
  • Retirement Planning Materials
  • Tie into IFG Marketing 


Investment Management

  • HTP Model Portfolios
  • Model Research
  • Morning Star
  • Trust Services (offered through The Private Trust Company N.A., an affiliate of LPL Financial)
  • Established Client Acquisition Process
  • New Dimensions
  • Alpha Capital Management
  • S&P



  • Experienced Chief Compliance Officer & Team
  • Process and Procedures Establish
  • 100% Paperless 

10 Benefits of Joining HTP  



Ready to take your practice independent?

Join Highland Trust Partners today and start down the path to independence. 

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