Mission Statement

We help families and businesses identify what is important to them, define priorities, discuss stresses around each, and construct plans to position them in better financial position now and for the future.

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Service
  • Knowledge
  • Objectivity
  • Value


Above all else is integrity. All client recommendations will be made solely in the interest of our clients.
We will:

  • Discuss all services provided and fully disclose our compensation and fees, as applicable.
  • Maintain the highest standards of personal conduct.


Our clients expect and deserve exceptional service at all times, and that is what we strive to provide through our team approach.
We will:

  • Promptly, completely and truthfully answer all our clients’ inquiries.
  • Monitor and evaluate our clients’ progress.
  • Seek to anticipate the needs of our clients.


Clients need us to be the professionals, and we are dedicated to advancing our education to give clients the best advice available.
We will:

  • Maintain professional designations.
  • Be a resource for client economic & financial questions.
  • Promote culture of learning among all HTP team.


The ability to say that we are agnostic on our recommendations is vital. We do not enter into agreements with any money managers, financial institutions, or vendors to solicit or solely recommend a product or service.
We will:

  • Analyze in-depth all possible options for clients.
  • Only recommend what fits a client’s situation.
  • Act in a fiduciary manner.


All other core values lead to maybe the most important, providing clients what they want & need at a fair price.
We will:

  • Interview the client extensively to determine their wants & needs.
  • Only make recommendations that benefit the client.
  • Present transparent, fair fees.