According to the National Center for Education Studies, the number of students ages 3-21 who receive special education services continuous to grow at a rapid pace.  Much of this is due to a better understanding of what qualifies for special needs education.  Much is due to parents understanding what services are available.  The fact of the matter is parents are looking for resources to help with their and their children’s needs.  

Highland Trust Partners has dedicated ourselves to helping families over the years as we did not see a gap in planning resources, but one of our own has a child with special needs.  We want to be a guidepost to get families to the right place financially and to the right providers for areas of care.  Some questions families ask which we work to solve include:

  • What are other families like us doing?
  • How do we protect our assets?
  • Do we need special needs trusts?
  • How should we fund these trusts?
  • How do we write a letter of intent?
  • Are there programs to help us pay for care?
  • How do we qualify our child for government benefits once they reach adulthood?
  • Where could our adult child live independently?

These are just a few and every family dynamic is a little different.  We would be happy to provide a free consultation.