Whether you are nearing retirement or are already there, ensuring your income needs and lifestyle goals can be met throughout your life in retirement is a concern for people at all income levels. Our comprehensive planning process helps us to prioritize your goals, establish short- and long-term retirement income strategies, and track your progress in real time.

We believe that a well thought-out investment plan should serve as the foundation of our long-term relationship. Using skills developed in our years of combined experience as well as advanced technology tools, we will analyze your current financial situation and goals. Using our broad knowledge of the financial markets, we will offer objective advice on investment choices and strategies to help ensure that they fit with your unique situation.

Our Four Step Planning Process

1. Understand Your Goals

We conduct a personal interview with you to obtain the background information needed to complete your custom plan. If appropriate, we also consult with your other professional advisors, including your attorney and tax advisor, to understand all pertinent details of your financial circumstances.

2. Review Your Goals and Develop an “In Balance” Recommendation

To make sure we have a shared vision of your dreams, we stress test your goals and provide written recommendations presented in an easy-to-understand report. This helps to ensure that the proposed strategy reflects your investment objectives, risk profile, lifestyle priorities and other important factors. We will review our recommendations with you and obtain your approval.

3. Implement Your Asset Allocation Strategy

With your confirmation and approval of the recommendations presented, we will begin to implement your plan and strategy.

4. Monitor Your Progress

Investment strategies require ongoing maintenance to help ensure optimal performance and continued alignment with your goals and values. Your plan will be monitored regularly, and the asset allocations within your portfolio will be rebalanced as necessary based on changes in the markets and your life. Once your strategy is implemented, you will receive comprehensive monthly statements detailing portfolio activity. We will schedule regular, formal review meetings with you and meet with you anytime you have questions, concerns or changes taking place in your life. We will proactively monitor the financial markets and notify you of potential challenges and opportunities as we work with you over time.

No strategy assures a profit or protects against loss.